• Organization Background
The Taiwan Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (TSAPS) was founded and established by senior members of Taiwan Society of Plastic Surgery in order to advance aesthetic plastic surgery in Taiwan since 1994. TSAPS owns the leading authority as well as the top rank in academic achievement. During the past two decades, TSAPS has been making every effort to stimulate and carry forward the research, education, and to set up the highest standards and competence of qualified plastic surgeons in aesthetic surgery in Taiwan.
  • Membership Qualifications
All TSAPS member should pass the National Board Examination and being certified as a medical doctor, undergone 3 years training in General Surgery, following 3 years training in Plastic Surgery, and complete another 3 years training in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, that is a total 9 years surgical training program. The only reason for these high and rigorous standards is to ensure patients’ safety and quality in aesthetic plastic surgery.
  • TSAPS by Law
  • Status
We might be the society which has the least member number (currently around 450) comparing to other medical societies in Taiwan, but there’s no doubt that we are one of the most prominent and trustworthy medical societies nationally. TSAPS is also one of the three societies (the others are Taiwan Society of Plastic Surgery and Taiwanese Dermatological Association) being recognized as formal aesthetic medical societies by the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Taiwan among dozens of aesthetic & cosmetic societies in Taiwan.
  • Board
The Board of TSAPS is renewed and elected by members every two years. The following are the board members of 2017/2018.
President Su-Ben Tsao, M.D., EMBA    
Executive Director Feng-Chou Tsai, M.D., Tai-Ran Wang, M.D.  
Directors Han-Tsung Liao, M.D., Chien-Tzung Chen, M.D., I-Feng Sun, M.D.,
  Tzu-Jye Wang, M.D., Wen-Her Wang, M.D., Kuo-Hui Yang, M.D.,
  Meng-Shi Lin, M.D., Shyi-gen Chen, M.D., Da-Jeng Chen, M.D.,
  Hui-fen Huang, M.D., ing-Wei Lee, M.D., Jean-Yun Lin, M.D.
Executive Auditors Yi-Chieh Chen, M.D.    
Auditors Yen Chang, Hsiao, M.D., Ching-Hung Lai, M.D.,  
  Ching-hsiang Chiang, M.D., Chih-Hsin Liu, M.D.  
Secretary General Tsan-Shiun Lin, M.D.    
Treasurer Wen-Her Wang, M.D.    
Spokesperson Jean-Yun Lin, M.D.